How to Create Con Folder in windows using Cmd?

we all know that can’t create con folder in windows.  Read this article to know why is it not possible to create con folder?

Here is simple trick to create con folder in windows using Command Prompt.

Step 1:
Open Command Prompt(Start->run->cmd)
Step 2:
Type this command:

md \.d:con

This will create con folder in D Drive.
Step 3:
To Remove the folder type this command

rd \.d:con

This will remove con folder from D Drive

How we are able to create the con and other folder using this trick?

It is just because of the UNC Path (Universal Naming Convention). The Universal Naming Convention, or UNC, specifies a common syntax to describe the location of a network resource, such as a shared file, directory, or printer.Since, these conventions did n’t exist under pure DOS, they are not backward compatible. The UNC syntax for Windows systems is as follows..


where RemoteHost is the computer name / IP address of the computer that you wish to connect through remotely for accessing shared folder. The rest is the path.

(Here \remotehostdrive:con doesn’t make sense anyway, because without having a process on the remote host, there is no current ‘console’). It would be a security hazard as well, having the serial and parallel ports accessible for everyone who is allowed to read or write in any single directory.

The “.” in the command \.c:con suggest the local server. Now, you are pointing to your own computer. since, you have all privilages on every folder of ur computer, you can easily create it.