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Hackatrick was Founded By Indrajeet Bhuyan when he was 14 years old, in September 2011 in Guwahati India. His passion for sharing how the internet and technology culture is changing the life of individual. Currently Hackatrick is privately held and runs by him.


  • Technology Columnist at G-Plus ( A weekly English Newspaper )
  •  Found  Open redirection vulnerability on Disqus.com .
  • Found Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability on Photobucket. Read the story Here
  • Found Xss vulnerability on Colors official website.
  • Found Xss vulnerability  on samsung’s app download site.Read the Story Here.
  • Found Open redirection vulnerability on samsung.com .Read the Story Here.
  • Security author at The Techlomedia.
  • Found Vulnerability on 2shared.com 
  • Acknowledged by Shaukk.com . Hall of fame   
  • Made a 2KB code that could crash Whatsapp. Read Here
  • Discovered Loophole in whatsapp Web. Read here 
  • Acknowledged by Pocket . Hall of fame
  • Acknowledged By The Viral Fever
Acknowledged By The Viral Fever

Media Appearance


Interviewed By Red Fm Guwahati
  • Became the only Indian to get featured in a cybersecurity documentary which will be telecast in 130+ countries

  Conferences / Workshops

  • Conducted 2 days Ethical hacking workshop at Assam engineering College
  • Conducted 2 days Ethical hacking workshop at Assam Don Bosco University
  • Speaker at ground Zero Summit 2015 – Asia’s foremost InfoSec Summit
  • Youngest speaker at Best Practices Meet Bangalore 2017 by Data Security Council of India
  • Conducted Northeast India’s First Blogging and internet marketing workshop
  • Speaker at Internet Safety Week conducted by Google and DSCI
  • Youngest speaker at Nullcon 2018, International Security Conference Goa
  • Invited by Bhutan Government to train IT Professionals
  • Youngest speaker at CPX Asia 2019 by Checkpoint, Bangkok
  • Youngest speaker at CPX Asia 2020 by Checkpoint, Bangkok

Some stats about hackatrick:

Hackatrick has been ranked 1st under the category ‘tips and tricks’ by breakthesecurity.
It  is also among the fastest growing blog in terms of providing information on hacking that teaches the reader the true and ethical part of it.

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