How to recover permanently deleted files in Windows [ Full Guide ]

Our files are very important for us. These days we store a lot o information in our PC, be it our favorite photos, our tax details, academic records etc. But often due to some reason it gets deleted. I’m sure you must have faced a situation where you deleted a file to free up some space only to later realize that you actually needed that file. I guess i’m not the only one who does this often. And due to this reason windows came up with the Recycle Bin feature so that atleast you can restore files.

But But But , * I know you have guessed it already * what if we did a permanent delete of files or what if our Hard disk crashed and all our data is gone. In such cases we often feel lost as our data is gone and there is no way to recover it. Well its not the end of the world. We have something called as data recovery software which helps users recover permanently deleted files. Don’t expect it to recover all of your files but hey something is better than nothing. Right ?

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I this article I’ll be showing you a software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which can help you recover permanently deleted files. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free makes the task of recovering deleted data, a breeze. The interface of the program is quite user-friendly, and the recovered files are displayed in a typical Explorer format. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can typically recover files from:

  • An existing partition
  • Deleted data from a deleted partition
  • Deleted data from a corrupted partition
  • Deleted data from a partition that had been deleted, then overwritten with another.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can use it :

Step 1 : Download the software and install it and this is how the first screen will look like.
Here you need to select on which folder you had your deleted files.
Step 2 : Now it will start scanning , you can see the progress bar in top


Step 3 : After the quick scan is done the software will show you few files which were deleted. If you have not yet found the file you can go for deep scan.
Step 4 : Now you can see the preview of the deleted files. You can recover it by clicking the recover button
Step 5 : Once the operation of preview or search is completed, you can select the targeted files and press Recover button to recover and save them on your computer or storage device. At this point, make sure you save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid data overwriting.

Last Updated on February 4, 2021 by Indrajeet Bhuyan