Why not to reveal the Name of OS you are using ?

Hello everyone I am back.Sorry for not making any post for many days as i was having my class 10 board exams.But now its over so I am back and I will post many interesting post here.
If you liked Hackatrick on facebook than you might know that Few days back I asked a question on Facebook as which operating system you are using and here is the results.

 Many people revealed the operating system they are using without giving a second thought.It is sad to know that only few people knows that they should not reveal the operating system they are using.
Today I am going to discuss a serious topic ”Why not to reveal the Name of OS you are using ?”
You might be thinking what will happen if i reveal what operating system I am using.But wait you can be hacked if an attacker come to know what operating system.
Suppose I am an attacker and i want to hack into your PC so first i will ask you the name of the OS you are using.Suppose i come to know that you are using XP SP2 System. Now I know that Xp SP2 System Suffers From NETAPI Vulnerabilty
                                                                  About the vulnerability


So now since I know the vulnerability and also know that the victim uses XP SP2 so i can easily hack the victim.
Now suppose the victim uses Windows 7 and somehow the victim revealed me the OS name.So from a hacker’s point of view I know that We Can’t Hack the victim with any system vulnerabilities .. so we
prey Application Based Vulnerabilities. As We Know The Most Used And Unimportant Software in windows 7 is INTERNET EXPLORER so we can exploit it and can hack into the victim’s PC and can even take picture from the victim’s webcam.
If an user never reveal the operating system he is using than it becomes hard for the attacker to guess the OS and he have to run all the possible attacks and will get detected.
So now you know why not no Reveal the Operating system that you are using to anyone online.