Pak Cyber Combat Squad hackers hacked more than 100 websites

pakistani hackers are busy in attacking websites and taking them down. They have claimed to hack more than 100 websites and also posted a the links on
Pak Cyber Combact Squad, the hacker group has also posted the deface message,”We can see that you are trying to free us from the tyrannical regime of dictators where we have freedom, and are replacing it with a so called democracy where the political parties are just legalized form of street gangs, You killed our children in the name of revolution, You bombed and destroyed our homes in the name of collateral damage and left many of us disabled.”

I have also seen a news in Hindustan Times website saying that BSNL website was also hacked by Pakistani hacker groud Pakistan Cyber Army.According to Telecom Talk, the hack was first spotted at 2:21 am on December 4th, 2011, and the group comprises of five hackers by the aliases x-c0p, nginx-adm1n, enc0der, k3rnel and sm0ky.