[BEST] Ways to Make Money on Youtube in 2021 ( Full Guide )

“Content is king,” you might have already come across this term several times over the internet. This term was pitched by none other than Bill Gates himself back in the year 1996 when the world wide web was blooming. Coming to the present-day, the internet is now all about content. And anyone with a PC, cellphone and a standard camera is a potential content creator who can publish information in any form be it a blog or a vlog and earn money. And since you’ve searched for “How to make money on youtube?”, it also puts you on the same list.

Currently, making videos on YouTube has become one of the most lucrative career options which can get you both money and fame. It is for this reason that individuals around the world are now hopping towards making video content on a variety of topics. Apparently, these individuals are also joined by big corporations, musicians, media networks in the race to lure a million views for their content.

The reason which makes YouTubing even more interesting is that anyone can get started for free. Also, you don’t need to invest a big on resources as the only thing that matters here is how engaging your content is.

There are a lot of examples where creators went from rags to riches earning in millions with their content. And one such creator is Felix Kjellberg a.k.a PewDiPie with a current estimated net worth of $30 million.

So, How Do People Make Money on Youtube?

Well, there are several ways of earning through Youtube. Some of these means are ad revenue through Youtube ads on your content, affiliate links, fan funding, etc. And in this blog, I’ll be discussing some of these ways of monetizing your Youtube account.
Let’s get started!


Through Youtube Partner Program

Ok, so the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) is a very special program through which every creator can access the various special features on Youtube.


On signing up for the program you’ll have access to all the possible revenue-generating streams of the platform like the Youtube premium subscription fees, channel membership fees, setting up super chats for fan funding or selling your own merchandise over the channel.


How to earn with the Youtube Partner Program?


Here the first step is to create a Youtube account and start posting your content there. While doing so, make sure that whatever you’re regularly tracking your stats and work for the betterment of your channel. Always try to deliver meaningful content with video descriptions that would attract your viewers’ attention to keep them hooked and turn them into subscribers. It is only when you have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours on your channel in one year that your account will qualify for the youtube partner program.


The next step is setting up an Adsense account and integrate it with your Youtube channel.



Once you’ve covered these two steps, it’s now time to explore various options of monetizing your channel. An important point here is each of these options have their own eligibility criteria.


Let’s dig into it one by one first starting with

Ad Revenue

Here, the first requirement is that you have to be almost 18 years old (The age limit is constant across all the other options). Pick up a niche and start making quality content around it. Once, you’ve established this, the youtube advertisers will start displaying ads over your content and that’s how you’ll be able to generate a steady income on your youtube channel.


Channel Membership Fees

The qualifying criteria here is that you should have almost or more than 30,000 subscribers on your channel.


Fan funding using Super chat

It is a feature available to members of the Youtube partner program where the creators can urge their subscribers to pay any amount to read their messages during live streaming sessions. Also, you should be residing in the same country where this feature is available.


Premium Revenue

It is very simple here that when someone with Youtube premium views your content you’ll get a portion out of their membership fees.


Merchandise Shelf

If you want to earn by selling your own merchandise using the Youtube merchandise shelf then you should have almost 10,000 subscribers.


All these options are readily available to all the content creators whenever they begin their journey on Youtube and are eligible based on the set criteria.


The other ways of earning from Youtube that I’ll be discussing below are indirect means which highly depend on what type of content you are serving to your audience and how they are connecting back to you.


Producing Sponsored Content

Reading the title only you might have got the idea about what it is going to be like. Nowadays many brands and organizations take the help of the content creators on social media to market their products or raise awareness about a certain topic. It is also a part of their digital marketing efforts but here the only thing is that instead of spending on online ads they give a considerable amount of money to content creators. The same goes for Youtubers as well and it is very effective.


Here, the transaction happens directly between the youtube creators and the brands. If your content is matching a brand’s business profile and your subscribers fall within the list of their target consumers then there’s a high chance that you will end up even earning more than your usual Youtube revenue.


The only thing that you should take care of while serving sponsored content to your audience is being transparent about it.


Merchandise Sales

Youtube does enable all the content creators and organizations on the platform to sell merchandise over its merchandise shelf feature which is enabled once you sign up for the partner program.


Most YouTubers now come up with their own things that they can sell to their audience. It can be anything like a t-shirt, coffee mugs, ornaments you name it. But before you start selling your merchandise you must take care of the following points.
  • Making a website or a landing page that can handle the transactions once someone decides to buy your product.
  • Sorting out how you’re going to deliver it to your customers. For your reference, there are many e-commerce companies who can offer end to end services on your behalf.
Once these things are taken care of, you can look forward to adding more to your earning from youtube.


Earning from Super chat feature

Like I have already mentioned above, how super chat adds up as one of the options to make money on youtube but the only one here paying you are your subscribers or fans. The super chat feature has become very popular amongst the content creators especially the online streamers. It allows them to collect funds directly from their fans who want their comment to be read out during live streaming sessions. The paid comments are highlighted inside the live chat box and it’s duration also depends on how much a fan has paid.


Collecting Channel Membership Fees

Another way of collecting money from your viewers is by turning them into members of your channel. It is a very nice feature as it gives them a sense of exclusivity compared to your non-paid viewers. This method of collecting money becomes handy when your account is associated with a cause or aim to educate your viewers more about a certain topic that they’re interested in.


Apparently, you should also encourage your viewers to take up Youtube premium memberships by citing the various pros that it brings to them. This way you will be able to enhance your modes of earning money from youtube even more.


Wrapping up

Modern-day technology has empowered everyone to make a living out of their own devices be it their cell phones or laptop. At the same time, it has also provided brands and other corporations around the world new means of communicating with their consumers. And Youtube is a perfect example that benefits both. People are now consuming more and more content each passing day which is helping them learn new things, see new places, and develop an alternative perspective related to various topics.

These are the things that make creating content on Youtube a viable off best career option for everyone. In the end, the only thing I would say to you is always try to give your best whenever you’re creating content for your channel. It is ultimately the quality of your content that will decide how much money you are going to earn on youtube.