How to buy Binance Coin ( BNB ) from WazirX ?

Last week WazirX , one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange was acquired by Binance which happens to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. According to sources Binance acquired WazirX for around $5-10 million.

From last 1 years cryptocurrency exchanges in India were facing problems and closing down but this new is really something big. With WazirX becoming a part of Binance the following things will happen :

1. Indian people can directly buy and sell cryptocurrency in Binance using Indian Rupees.

2. Indian people can buy and sell Binance Coin ( BNB ) directly from WazirX.

Earlier in order to buy Binance Coin we use to first buy Bitcoin from Indian exchanges and then transfer it to Binance exchange and then buy BNB . This process was long and users had to pay extra fee . But now things are easy.

Similarly now we can buy BNB directly from WazirX platform. In this article we will see how we can buy BNB from wazirX.

1. Go to P2P and buy USDT from your Indian Rupees.

2. Once you have the USDT, now click on Exchange on top and click on BNB

3. Now you can enter the number of BNB you want to buy and then click on Place order to buy it.

You can use the same steps to buy any other cryptocurrrency of your choice in WazirX.