World’s Freakiest iPhone Apps

There are thousands upon thousands of apps for iPhone users. These apps will do everything from help monitor your power usage to organize your daily schedule. But, what is available for those who are looking for something a bit…different? It only makes sense that with all the apps that are available, some will be for those with an unusual set of interests and sense of humor. Here are some of the freakiest iPhone apps available:
  •          Paranormal Radar – Want to have some fun and freak out your family and friends? This free app is made to simulate ghost hunting tools. It states that it measures EVP, EMP, and ions to pinpoint paranormal activity in an area, which is then displayed on a radar. The app can be a bit creepy and a lot of fun, but it would be more so without all of the banners and full screen advertisements.
  •          Mad Pad – Do you love sound? Are you always looking for music in the world around you? If so, Mad Pad will provide you with hours of entertainment. This $2.99 app takes the sounds and sights of your world and mixes them in a beat box. You will no doubt be amazed by the results of this excellent app.
  •          Tattoos Catalogue – Whether you are looking to be inspired in your next tattoo choice or are simply fascinated by the art of tattoo, you will love this app. At just $0.99, you can view a nearly limitless selection of tattoo images. Whether you are looking for a small, simple name tattoo, or a full-body dragon, it is all here. Even the most jaded tattoo lovers are sure to see something surprising in this collection.
  •          Unusual Deaths – Morbidly interesting, this $0.99 app makes full use of the iPad’s fantastic and breathtaking graphics to show viewers an entire world of bizarre, silly, and strange ways that people have died over the years. At the very least, this app will interest you and give you a brand new appreciation for your own life and level of intelligence. While it may not be for everyone, this app is at least worth a look. Who knows? You may learn a few things you never knew.
  •          Curious Punishments – Whether you are interested in history, sociology, criminal justice, or just curious about everything, Curious Punishments will provide you with more entertainment than you paid for at $1.99. This app details some of the strangest types of punishments that have been inflicted on humans since the beginning of time. Everything is covered, from the seemingly harmless Scarlet Letter to the Torture Rack and Stocks. Once you explore this app, you are sure to have a new respect for modern society and the ways we have progressed in dealing with criminals.
Regardless of your personal interests, these strange but intriguing apps are worth giving a look. You may find yourself shocked, fascinated, entertained, frightened, or disgusted. One thing is for sure, though. Regardless of your reaction, you will have something to talk about.
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