SIM card is now going to be a thing of the Past , With This Invention

The replacement for SIM – eSIM

SIM (Subscriber identity module) is going to be replaced by something called the e-SIM. Apple and Samsung are planning to replace  the traditional SIM card with the new and modern e-SIM. According to The Financial Times , Apple and Samsung are collaborating with GSMA to turn this into reality.

e-SIM – What is the e-SIM ?

If You ever used iPad 2, you might be familiar with the Apple SIM . The Concept of the e-SIM is quite almost like the Apple SIM. But Unlike the Apple SIM, this e-SIM will be non-removable which will allow a user to quickly and easily change between mobile networks.

Simply Put, The new e-SIM will be more flexible and it will allow users to move from one network to the other according to techspot .

From the world of GSMA, they are pretty confident that it’s a good step towards making the world communicate better. And it’s hopeful on the fact that the telecommunication industry will be welcoming this new standard.


When is the Launch for the e-SIM ?

For me to  answer, when will e-SIM will hit the market? will be uncertain. There’s still a lot to be done on the e-SIM to be a commercial standard. But GSMA sources are hoping to release the specifications by the year 2016 . 

So What do you think? A full replacement is better or e-SIM will be an alternative for the traditional SIM card?

Let me know your Views on Comments, Do you think it’s a good thing that’s coming or do you have some issues with it? Feel Free to Comment!