LinkedIn Replaces Inbox With Messaging Service


Departing from its unpopular design that resembled email, LinkedIn has rolled out a revamped messaging service among the modern chat apps.


To add a “little extra personality” to user’s chats, the company said in a blog post that the new service will include features such as GIFs and stickers.


The biggest social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has started to roll out the new messaging service to English-language users accessing it via a desktop or through an app.


The push and email notifications messaging service now has improved, users can also attach photos and documents to messages  and messages are organized in a chat-style format with conversation threads having the same properties to most messaging apps today such as WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger. LinkedIn plans to make the revamped messaging feature available in other languages in the coming weeks. The company also said it was looking at offering voice and video calling with the messaging platform in the future.


Let’s see what else comes next.