How to turn Windows Into A WiFi Hot spot

Today most of the smartphones, tabs have wifi connectivity option using which one can easily access the internet. Most of the time we use to have a single internet connection due to which we are able to surf the internet with only one of the gadget. This tutorial shows you how one can turn their laptop into a WIFI router so that all other devices can connect to internet via WIFI.

here are the steps to make your computer a WiFi hot spot


  1.  Click on start Menu
  2. Click on Control Panel and then
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on set up a new connection
  5. Then scroll down to see set up a wireless ad hoc network
  6.  Highlight the option and click next

You will now see a window that will explain you what an ad hoc network is and some few things about it. The most important thing before connecting any computer by this network they should be within a range of 30 feet.

Click next and then there will be a window where you need to step up the name and security type. It is mandatory to use WPA-2 for security type and use a password which you don’t have any trouble to share with others. Click on save this network check box and click next and you have created an ad hoc network successfully.