Data Protection Tips for Modern Enterprises

The modern business is collecting more data than ever. From customers and suppliers to employees, data needs to be kept safe and secure. Security is vital, and for both large and small businesses, the pressure is high to ensure it is well established. Hackers use a variety of methods and tactics to breach a security system, and when they do, your collected data is at risk. When privacy is so important, establishing the trust of those that give you their private information is essential for all businesses. 


Here are the most effective ways that modern enterprises of all sizes and sectors can ensure their data is more protected.

Collect and Protect

Your first step is always to ensure that you know exactly what data you are collecting and where you are storing it. Much of the data that is collected by enterprises is of little value to them, but it can be of significant interest to cybercriminals. Only collect the data that you need, and ensure that you have stored it in an appropriately secure location. Never collect data that you don’t need, because the more that you collect, the more appealing you’ll be to hackers. 
When it comes to storage, more enterprises than ever have moved to cloud-based services as these provide a robust level of security. However, ensuring a secure cloud means knowing what your responsibilities are. Just because you use a cloud service doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax.

Update and Maintain

Ideally, every enterprise should be using the latest security tools and resources available. A common mistake in modern business is having the latest technologies and security software, but failing to keep it updated. Many of the updates that you get notifications for are designed specifically to tackle a new online threat, so failing to update can leave you particularly vulnerable. 
If you have the option of selecting automated updates, this will ensure that your system is more thoroughly protected. Data security means being up to date on the latest tricks and tactics used by hackers, and the more current you are in terms of your online security, the more protected your business will be.

User Training

It is your employees who will be gathering, uploading, and using the data that you collect. That means it is your workforce that is your first line of defense against cybercrime. As a result, you need to ensure that they are as security aware as possible. The majority of data breaches are caused by employees, and there are numerous instances of workers failing to maintain basic security practices that result in significant business losses. Ensure that you have regular cybersecurity training sessions so that your teams are aware of the need for more robust data security, and that they are as up to date as possible on the latest tactics used by hackers. 
Cybercrime is big business for the criminal world, and data is fast-becoming one of the most valuable resources for those hackers to target. When the modern business relies on the trust and data of their customers, it’s never been more important that you start paying more attention to the basics of cybersecurity.