Android Application Development and its huge significance

Android phones have become of age and the preferred choice for many mobile users all over the world. They have made people’s lives a lot easier and they rely on them completely for their personal and professional communications. They can also make the most out of specially designed apps that offer them several benefits.
One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it is open source, which means developers can explore their creativity to the fullest and without any restrictions.

Open source platform

It’s one of the main benefits because its gives developers the option of tweaking the OS based on the requirements and make changes when necessary. As a result it’s a lot simpler to bring new technologies into Android, which is why it has its merits as an OS. That’s particularly true for small and medium sized companies that can take their business to different parts of the world.

Return rates are high

The return on investment is incredibly high, firstly because the investment on the platform is quite low. And it being an open source program means there are no licensing fees. As you spend less you can further boost your profits. It has thus become a cost effective solution for developers who are creating a wide range of exciting apps for this platform today.

It is affordable

App development for Android is a reasonable option because developers can create many apps without having to think about the costs for licensing. Moreover the construction software development kit gives you a shot in the arm as there are more revision services.
It’s possible to change anything in the programs without spending any additional money on it. That’s why development cost is significantly reduced. It is the reason why many companies have made profits on these programs for Android.

Great platform for fledgling companies

Java is the chosen language to create Android apps and that means you get access to a vast set of libraries. Anyone with a fair understanding of the language can develop these apps and have them running in hardly any time. There is no dearth of Java programmers in the market today and it’s also possible to find thorough documentation for the platform. Hence you can get started with Android application development yourself.

Higher integration

It makes perfect sense for application integration and that’s because it is an enhanced platform. It is ideal when you have many programs and they have to be merged or encouraged for any reason. It has led to developers using Android to create innovative apps. If a developer has to combine a few programs or cross promote them for whatever reasons then he can easily do that with this platform.

Regular and prompt updates

Since the time it was launched, Android has gone through many updates for the benefit of its users. Each of these updates has taken things up a notch and worked towards user convenience. It has made a huge difference in the Smartphone market where the platform has done exceedingly well.

Many distribution mechanisms

Android apps can be distributed in many different ways unlike other platforms. There are various third party application stores that can be used or you can have your own distribution medium. They can be used for vertical market application purposes, to create new app stores and a whole lot more.

Higher achieve

Reports suggest that there have been more than two hundred million Android activations so far, which means at least as many users are reliant on Android products today. Moreover it’s a multilingual program that can be found in close to 50 different languages. That’s what makes it the most widely used program all over the world.

Applications are high on features

One of the hallmarks of Android app development is that the quality is quite high and you can get feature rich apps for your devices. Whatever your requirement might be you will find an application that will be suited to your needs. Importantly, these applications are meant to be packed with features for your benefit. It’s also possible to add more features if and when you want because Android itself has many dynamic features.


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