5 Useful Google Chrome Apps

One of the reason why Google chrome is so popular isits mind blowing Apps which makes our task much easier. In this post we will share 5 usefull Google Chrome Apps that you will surely find very useful.

1. Buffer – With Buffer, you can share links and photos on multiple social media websites in one go. You can post stuff to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, App.net and Google Plus pages.Buffer not only makes it easy for you to post content, it also help you track the performance of your shared links.

2. Mighty Text – MightyText lets you send and received SMS text messages directly from Gmail or Facebook on your computer. All you need to do is install the Mighty Text app on your Android phone. Mighty Text offers a chat style widget inside Gmail and here you can read through your existing text messages or write new

3. Clipular – Clipular is a wonderful screen clipper for the web – you press Alt twice and capture anything on the current web page. Once a screenshot is captured, the image is automatically uploaded to your private Clipular dashboard along with the title and source link of the current page.

4. Disconnect Me – Online advertisers and Internet companies are tracking your activity on the Internet, not for the purpose of snooping but for serving you more personalized search results and more targeted advertising.Disconnect Me is a simple Chrome add-on that will automatically block advertising companies, analytics services and search engines from tracking you online. There’s no configuration required and as soon as you install the add-on, the tracking is suspended.

5. Web Timer – Web Timer is a Chrome extension that will help you keep track of how you’re using your time online. It tracks what websites you are visiting and how many minutes you spend looking at each of them. There’s some intelligence built in for more accurate data. The background timer is only activated when Google Chrome is in focus and your computer isn’t left in an idle state for more than 30 seconds.