How Online Gaming Changes Lives

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a life-changing experience. It not only improves our mood but allows us to learn new skills which are then transferrable. This article will look at how this is so. How companies such as VamosGG are changing lives by making gaming available to the masses.


Yes, playing video games can make us happy. If we are good at them, even happier. But still, much enjoyment is gained from playing the game no matter what the result.

Interestingly, games such as “Angry Birds” can make us feel less angry. They can improve a player’s mood by helping them to relax. They can ward off anxiety and depressive thoughts that might be building up. In a pandemic, we all need something that makes us feel happy again. We need to take ourselves into another world from time to time to forget about anything bad that is happening in our world. We need that temporary release to re-charge our batteries and to come back to our world with renewed energy and a different outlook.

Employment and Gaming’s Transferrable Skills

Apart from some making a career out of gaming, as in the case of professional gamers who will win competitions and earn money as a result, transferrable skills can also be learned that further a career.

For example, in the medical profession, the activity of laparoscopic surgery can be likened to the activities in a video game that require the same eye-hand coordination and skills involving visual-spatial awareness.

Other video gaming skills that are transferrable to the work situation include teamwork, in the case of multi-player games, and problem-solving and strategic planning, which can be a part of many a video game.

So, apart from video games being thought of as a leisure pursuit, they could equally be good training towards your next career. They might represent something that gives you a head start on other candidates, should there be an entry test involving the demonstration of such skills.


Gaming is a great way to socialize. This activity does not have to be in person, we can get to know others online through a shared interest such as gaming. It makes us feel good to know that there are others out there that feel the same as we do about things. We can compare notes. Those tips on how to improve our gaming performance. Through social media, we can talk about the accessories that we own that make gaming more pleasurable.

Such as a good headset, a keyboard that lights up in the dark, and ergonomic things that add comfort to our posture and stop our muscles from getting stressed and tired so quickly. Things that improve our stamina when it comes to making it to the end of a game as fresh as when we started it.

Many friends, even future partners, have been found online through shared interests in gaming. You are halfway to forming a lifetime bond if you share a common interest with someone. If you are both in love with the same game then there is no reason why you should not soon find yourselves in love with each other. Instead of sharing mouse clicks, you could be sharing lip kisses, and not just on the monitor. Instead of pressing down on keys, you could be turning them inside each other’s doors. You will want to protect that other person just as you protected your teammate within a certain video game.

So, it is true, online gaming does have the potential to change lives. It can help you to relax after a day at work that is challenging in a different sense, it will enable you to learn new skills that could help you move to a different job if you so wished, and it will also help with finding a future romantic interest or long-term partner. Many a virtual relationship has turned into a real one. All you need to do is to discover gaming if you have not already. If you have, then make more of it. There might be things about gaming that you have not made the most out of yet.