Away in the clouds – The best cloud based web hosting for small business

Cloud computing has become incredibly popular over recent years and we have seen more businesses trusting their presence online e to cloud based servers over the internet. There are a few pro’s and con’s of using this service to host your website which we will take a look at and I will try to unravel the vast amount of choices available out there for any small business looking to use the cloud in their business.

What is cloud hosting anyway?

According to Lifewire, the main function of cloud computing ids the ability to host your website on virtual serves (as opposed to a physical server) and the task of hosting is broken up into different parts and distributed across many different “clouds”. By hosting a website this way, you are less likely to experience any downtime and tasks are carried out by different servers so that in the case of one server going down, another one will kick in and help support.
An excellent example of cloud hosting is used by a little know company called Google and they use cloud servers to handle an unbelievable amount of traffic and keep the site functions ticking along nicely. When was the last time Google was ever down? That’s the beauty of cloud computing.
How can your small business enjoy the same level of service as Google? Let’s have a look.

Cloud Hosting options

The good news is that there is a fair amount of choice when it comes to webhosting sites that offer cloud hosting at competitive prices. The below sites can be reviewed in greater detail here. These below sites have all been thoroughly tested and have excellent customer reviews.
Siteground offer a cloud based platform which is based on Linux container platform which allows for higher scalability and flexibility. With Siteground, you only pay for what you need and can scale resources up or down to suit your business needs. Cloud hosting packages start from 61.30 per month and come with a free domain. Plans offer 4 GB-420GB of storage and servers are located the United States, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Singapore and Italy. 
Hostiso – This cloud based platform is divided across 15 datacentres around the world and although there packages are far from the cheapest out there at £7.65 per month, the level of customer support is superb and you can rest easy knowing that your business is host on a powerful and reliable platform.
Interserver – This US based cloud hosting site provides their customers with excellent value for money in addition to using cloud servers which can handle even the most demanding websites. 
Excellent customer service and a fantastic sales team who tailor to your needs makes them a great choice for cloud base hosting.
In need of further inspiration? Techradar outlines a few additional options for cloud based servers and should give you a bit more insight into what is available on the market.
When it comes to powerful cloud based servers for your business, look no further than these above options for excellent value for money and ease of cloud intergration.