An Alarming of the Immunity Issues in the CLOUD Technology

The IT world has made the world faster which is enhanced by the addition of the cloud. The cloud computing has allowed access to any technology on a single platform which allows shared processing of resources through different systems in the same network. The Information technology enterprises are sharing their big data and allowing the access to those data files through the cloud. They have to process it even though they are undergoing risks on the cloud security.


Breakage of Data Flow

The cloud is seen to be in use as their primary network for sharing data and accessing them in a massive number of companies. Since the cloud has to store a very large amount of data, sometimes due to overload, data gets damaged or lost in the cloud. This pushes the companies into bulky fines to their customers and also to the court of law. Although the cloud cares about the health of the company’s data, but still the complete responsibility for the data protection is over the company’s own head. So companies need to endow with a lot of security locks and encryption to save their data but still scamper with the risks of losing their files.


Sometimes the security keys are feeble and are hacked by hackers which the cloud providers are not responsible for. Sometimes companies forget to block those employees which leave their organization and those credentials are given to them for accessing the network in the cloud are often misused. Small mistakes done by developers in remembering the passwords result incomplete loss of data accidentally. This is a very serious issue and steps need to be taken immediately.


Unchangeable Susceptibilities:

There are certain susceptibilities in any computer system which cannot be changed by any user. It results in attacks to those flaws by outsiders.  Access to any system or a network by the guest user is a serious issue to be focused on. Even though you provide credentials to your networks or to your system, any third person will be able to access it as a guest user and hackers will obviously manage to find a way out from those guest logins.


Malevolent Employees

Even if the companies provide maximum securities and stronger locks to their data stored in the cloud, but still the lock can be broken easily. Because those credentials have to be submitted to its analysts, data engineers as well as the employees, which might have turned into an ex-employees now. Manipulation of data and transactions by ex-employees and revengeful employees are seen to be common in the IT world. Those files whose securities from top to bottom depend on the cloud are in high jeopardy.

So access to the network should be minimum and hard proof and sharp tracking should be available to track the users from logging in till logging out of the devices. Sometimes without knowledge, few employees make mistakes by disclosing certain confidential matters to outsiders which make the companies suffer to the core.

Shared Interfaces Lead to Hazard

Today the cloud provides application and programming interfaces through every service to its user. The danger occurs when any third parties are given access to your company’s interfaces because if you are working with any third party, then you have to let them access your interfaces which risk the security and confidentiality of your company insights. Most of your application and programming interfaces are accessible directly from Google by any user. Intelligent hackers find a way to spy on the whole data of the company through those interfaces. Strict and stronger security needs have to be maintained yet.

No shortage of Hackers and Special Hackers

Since the cloud services allow third parties to overhear confidential activities such as transactions, data supply, and data storage, so the enemies can easily break the thin security provided bythe cloud to the company’s data stored. These types of hacking activities are very common nowadays and the companies suffer from huge risks during migration of data through the cloud. While using the cloud as the primary network, companies should stop sharing credentials of those services and a big lock security is a must. Instead of depending completely on the cloud, companies must have hired their own team with mastery in security issues because nowadays even enemies are launching their hacking and fraud activities through the cloud services only.


Most attacks on the cloud data are seen to have during the rush hour in the server when users are in a hurry to pass their page to the next page. During these rush hours, they may be paying for an online purchase or booking a flight or a train ticket. During such high traffic on any server, the crooks attack and take away the complete money the customers pay for online transactions. Sometimes even during the transactions the hackers access into the complete credentials of the customer’s accounts and leaves the account with  a zero balance.


Total Data Deletion

Companies lock their data with encryption keys and then migrate those locked data through the cloud services. The cloud doesn’t provide any extra sense of  protection to the stored data. Ones the key to the security lock  is found by any mean hacker, he will break the lock and everything will come to an end. Those mean hackers sometimes delete the complete data permanently which will push the companies into an ocean of loss and hopelessness. So proper backup of each and every block of data is a must. Companies should keep an appropriate backup of every little piece of data before uploading it to the cloud the door that welcomes even the invaders. Learn all the ways your data stays protected in the cloud surrounded by attackers.  Try to get notification alerts for every step of the transaction of  data in the cloud environment.


The Protection is always better than cure and organizations have to remember this forever. Before going to launch your services and data in the cloud make sure you know about each and every policy of the cloud. Companies who don’t read all the policies of the cloud are not a concern with the fact that the cloud does not take complete responsibility for the security of your data. So without the security authority, those companies migrate their data with weak or even without any encryptions.  And they result in fracture or complete and permanent deletion of their data, hence, far-reaching conscientiousness makes a lot of sense.
There are services in the cloud which by misusing them, any mean mugger can break the security and attack on your data. Spam emails and nasty contents need ignorance to stay away from attackers which are also among the cloud users.


The cloud technology provides the users the availability of sharing a single platform for multipurpose. Since sharing results for a lot of advantages in time saving and as well as multitasking, but still it has got a certain number of disadvantages too. Since the complete architecture and services are shared by multiple services , so if any malfunction occurs in any of the services, all the  services get affected together. Since the cloud has to develop still a lot in providing the safety and security of its users, so till then we the users have to practice complete security and carefulness in sharing our data in this the cloud technology.


About the Author:

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